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How to Display Byzantine Coins: 5 Cool Ways for Collectors

Byzantine coins are fascinating pieces of history that represent the legacy of a once-great empire. If you're a collector of Byzantine coins, you know how important it is to display them in a way that both showcases their beauty and protects their value. This blog post will explore five cool ways to display your Byzantine coins that will take your collection to the next level.

Frame Them

One of the most elegant ways to display your Byzantine coins is to frame them. This will create a stunning wall display that will make your coins stand out. To do this, choose a color-coordinated mat that complements your coins, then use archival-quality tape to secure them to the mat. Frame the mat in a shadow box that is deep enough to hold the coins safely, and voila! A beautiful display.

Use a Coin Album

A coin album is a great choice for collectors who prefer a more organized and portable way to showcase their coins. Choose an album designed specifically for Byzantine coins, using clear plastic sleeves to hold your coins securely and protect them from dust and moisture.


Bezels are metal frames that surround coins, providing a decorative border that enhances the beauty of the coin while protecting it from scratches and other damage. Bezels come in various styles and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your collection. Bezels can be worn as jewelry or mounted on a display stand.

Coin Stands

Coin stands are a simple yet effective way to display your Byzantine coins on a desktop or bookshelf. These stands allow your coins to be displayed at an angle, ensuring that their full beauty is on display, and they come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose a stand that holds a single coin, a handful of coins, or an entire collection.

Shadowbox Display

A shadowbox is a display case that is deeper than normal, allowing for a more three-dimensional display. You can line your shadowbox with velvet or felt to create a soft, non-abrasive surface for your coins and then arrange them in the box in a way that showcases their beauty and history. For an added touch, you can label each coin or add small placards with information about the coin's history and significance.

These are just a few cool ways to display your Byzantine coins and take your collection to the next level. From framing to coin albums, bezels, coin stands, and shadowbox displays, you have plenty of exciting options to choose from. Whatever you choose, make sure to protect your coins from dust, moisture, and other damage, and display them in a way that makes you proud of your great collection. Happy collecting!

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