Short Term Loans: Making Them Work

Starting A Side Business? 4 Steps To Meeting The Financial Challenges

Now more than ever, starting a small business provides a good source of income for those who still work a day job. But even a small entrepreneurial activity can cause a lot of changes to your life.  One of the best ways to mitigate the challenges in pursuing a side business is to make a financial plan for it. How can you do this? Here are four steps to take. Read More 

Reasons Why You Could Anticipate Being Audited

Even though an audit might seem like an unlikely possibility, it happens more often than you might believe. In 2012, almost 1.5 million U.S. residents were involved in an audit with the IRS. This can pose a significant problem for families, since a professional to help you through your audit can cost upwards of 100 dollars an hour. The good news is that there are some signs you can be aware of that could raise your chances of being audited. Read More 

3 Avoidable Money Habits That Are Destroying Your Credit

If you've ever tried to secure a bank loan, purchase a car or even find a job, you know how much weight your credit score carries. Those three little numbers can mean the difference between financial success, and simply getting by. You've taken every precaution to protect your credit score, but still cannot seem to keep your number from plummeting. Unbeknownst to you, the reason why your credit isn't ideal could be your everyday bad money habits. Read More 

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Short Term Loans: Making Them Work

People warned me about taking out short-term loans, especially payday loans. What I found is that if I manage them responsibly, they come in very handy. On more than one occasion, these simple loans have helped me out of difficult situations. They took care of emergency car repairs, and provided the cash I needed to pay bills and avoid incurring late fees. I always repaid them on time, and the lender rewarded me by increasing the limit on how much I can borrow. If you are thinking of securing a payday loan, let me tell you what to look for in a lender. I'll also help you understand the commitment that you are assuming. With responsible use, I know you will find these loans as helpful for you as they've been for me.


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