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Ways the Courts Make Sure You Appear for Your Hearings after You Have Been Jailed

When you are arrested and charged with a crime, your court-appointed legal representation or your own lawyer requests bail. He or she argues for bail or release. If the judge decides that bail is acceptable, the amount will be set before you are taken to jail to sit until someone springs you. After that, there are ways that the court will make sure you appear for your hearing(s).

Stay in Jail until Your Hearing

In situations where no bail is set, the court ensures that you will not leave the area and that you will appear in court when you are supposed to appear. That is also true of anyone who did have bail set, but no relative comes to get you. There is also the possibility of "cash bond only," which means that the judge and the jail will only allow your release if your relative can pay your bail in full in cash only at the appointed jail of your incarceration. Either way, the court will see you at the hearing. 

Court Appearance Bail Bonds

When the judge sets the bail amount, your relative can make a deal with a bail bond agent for your release. If your relative and the bail bond agent spring you from jail, you have to appear before the judge at your next hearing. That is the requirement set forth by the bail bond and the agent's contract with your relative. Failure to do so makes you a fugitive and robs your relative of the money exchanged to secure your freedom. As such, most people feel compelled to be at their court hearing and keep their bond agreement as promised.

Bounty Hunter

In the event that you "jump bail" and become a fugitive of the law, a bail bond agent who is certified as a bounty hunter can come after you. Nothing limits this agent from entering any building or home to retrieve you. Nothing prevents the agent from using brute force to get you into a car in handcuffs and hauling you back to jail either. In most cases, a bounty hunter can carry a gun but is not allowed to shoot you with it unless you attempt to fire at him or her with your own gun or otherwise attempt to kill him or her. If the bail agent is successful at tracking you down and collecting you, you will be incarcerated again to await your hearing date.

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