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3 Important But Little Known Facts To The Bail Process

When you are arrested and sent to jail, one of the most well-known ways to get out of jail is by posting bail. However, there is a lot about the typical bail process that many people don't know.

Fact #1: You Don't Have to Post Bail

First, it is important to realize you don't have to post bail. You can wait in jail under your court appearance and case is resolved, when your charges will either be dropped or you will be found guilty or innocent of the charges.

Most people don't opt to sit in jail though because it can take a while for your case to work its way through the court system. It is important, though, to realize that this is an option.

Fact #2: Verify Before Paying Your Bail

Second, it is important to verify your bail before you post it. Make sure that the district attorney has brought all possible charges against you.

If you post bail on a specific set of charges, but new charges are issued against you, you could go back to jail and have to pay bail again. Although this is a rare situation, it is important to verify that all charges have been filed against you before you post bond so you only have to do it once.

Fact #3: Always Work with a Licensed Agent

When it comes to who to work with to get assistance with posting your bail, you want to work with a licensed bail bond agent. A licensed bail bond agent has to go through an approval process by their state Department of Insurance.

This licensing process requires the bail bond agent or agency to follow specific rules that are set in place to protect you and keep you safe. This includes rules that regulate what you pay the bail agent and how they assist you.

Don't work with an agency that doesn't have the proper business license. A company without the right license also doesn't have to follow rules that protect you.

When you are stuck in jail, you can wait for your case to be resolved, or you can go before a judge and have the judge issue a bail amount. Then, you can contact a licensed bail bond agency and work with them to post your bail and get out while you fight the charges. You will only have to pay a set amount of your bail, not the full amount.

For more information, contact a licensed bail bonds service.

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