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Medical Oncology Coding

In order to understand the word medical oncology coding, it is essential to know the meaning of oncology and medical coding separately, then integrate the two definitions to come up with an answer. Oncologists are doctors who treat cancer and provide medical care for patients diagnosed with cancer. Oncologists use medications like chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy to treat cancer. Medical coding translates medical reports into shortcodes used in healthcare. It summarizes detailed medical reports into data-friendly and efficient codes. Medical coders are professionals who translate physician reports into medical codes. Thus, medical oncology coding uses medical codes during the treatment of cancer through chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

Relationship between Medical Oncology Coding and Medical Billing

Medical oncology coding and medical billing translate patients' encounters into languages that healthcare institutions use to submit and reimburse claims. The two processes are different, but they are paramount for providers to be compensated for their services. Medical oncology coding entails extracting the billable information from cancer patients' clinical documentation and medical records, while billing entails using the codes to come up with bills and insurance claims for these cancer patients. Coming up with the claims is where medical oncology coding and billing join to form the backbone of the healthcare revenue cycle. This cycle starts with the registration of patients in medical facilities and ends when providers receive their full payment for services they offer to the patients during the whole treatment, until the time they leave the facility. Therefore, medical oncology coding and medical billing work hand in hand to benefit the medical provider, the patients, and the insurance company.

How important is Medical Oncology Coding?

After medical providers examine or treat patients, the relevant insurance company should understand the procedures to process the required bill. A common language is not exact as it does not give an insurance company accurate details. This is where medical oncology comes in as particular codes set up by medical coders will help define the medical procedures taken. Through the relevant professionals, medical oncology coding will give out the information in an efficient and useful way. Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases today, and the healthcare industry should be at the forefront of making the work of the medical providers easier through medical oncology coding. As these providers have to deal with many cancer patients, it is clear that there is a demand for these services in the medical industry. 

For more information, contact a company that offers medical oncology coding and billing. 

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